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Installation options

When installing the program you can choose between Regular and Portable versions. Portable version may be installed on portable devices (like external disks, flash drives etc) and used on multiple computers without additional re-installations

Initial Screen

Here you are presented with the list of available drives on the computer. 

To scan a drive for deleted files just double click it. Alternatively you can choose a drive and press the "Scan" button on the toolbar.

After you insert/remove an external drive press the "Refresh" button to update the drive list.

Scanning a drive

This is how a drive scanning process appears to the user. If you think it takes too long (some drives may require a long scan) just press the "Stop" button to interrupt it.

Files View

This is what you see after you completed a drive scan. The left pane presents folders that contain deleted files. The right pane shows deleted files in the currently selected folder.

To recover your files choose those by checking the boxes on the left of files' names. Then press the orange "Undelete" button on the top. 

Checking a folder will check all the files it contains as well as all the files in the sub-folders.

Iconic View

You can switch between "Iconic" and "Detailed" views. Use the buttons in "View Modes" group. 

"Iconic" view will generate image thumbnails for virtually all kinds of image files.

Search for a file

If you need to find a specific file among all the deleted files discovered by the program just press the "Find" button. Then type in the file name (or part of it you remember followed by a '*') into the box. Press "OK" to start the search.  

Search View

After the search is done you will see the list of deleted files that correspond to your search criteria. Just like in "Files View" you can select the files by checking the boxes besides files' names and recover those by pressing the "Undelete" button.

Here you have options to "Select All" and "Deselect All" the files in the list. 


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