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Undelete Navigator description

Recover deleted files and folders from your drives

Undelete Navigator is an easy to use application designed to help you find and recover accidentally deleted files and folders.

Choose the drive you want to scan and the program will detect the deleted files, allowing you to retrieve them with just a click. Also, it features a search function to help you look for files in the scan results.

Here are some key features of "Undelete Navigator":
· FAT, FAT32 and NTFS support
· Folder tree view to explore deleted files
· Thumbnails of deleted images
· Search function
· Easy to use

reviewed by techglimpse

Undelete Navigator sports a simple and easy to use interface...
Undelete Navigator was quite impressive and I would recommend our readers to try it out.

File recovery soft review by makeuseof

If you are looking for a way to recover your deleted files, check out Undelete Navigator...
It is simple to use with a user-friendly interface.



 on January 28, 2013

The application is designed to be user friendly and allows new users to instantly start recovering files without having to go through any complicated interface or settings.


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By Fernando DAquino

...Although quite simple, the Undelete Navigator proved to be a functional tool for you to try to recover accidentally deleted files. Its interface has great visual appeal, but it is well organized and provides a very uncomplicated interaction.

Even if you've never moved on a software genre before or not mastered English (default language program), should not find it difficult to perform the three basic steps to restore contents.

The overall performance of Undelete Navigator proved excellent. Both during scans as in the process of recovering files, the application was quite speedy. In addition, the contents displayed restored maintained their original qualities.