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Why has the file recovery utility been created?


"Undelete Navigator" is our attempt to create an easy useing file recovery utility  with contemporary easy to understand intuitive user interface. Most of similar file recovery utilities  you see on the Web do not suite to the requirements - so that even advanced computer users need time to get hands on them. In our opinion, the goal of files undelete task is a kind of trivial to comprehend. So we did our best to make the files undelete process to be trivial to accomplish.

Another question we have been trying to study is that different utilities get different lists of deleted files when scanning the same hard drives while the drives remain intact between the scans. There are some explanations . The reasonable one is that the programs somehow verify files integrity and do not display files . They consider to be hopelessly unrecoverable. Different utilities may use different algorithms for the purpose. And as a consequence they all get different final results. 

Complete integrity verification of deleted files is a time consuming process especially when one needs to recover numerous file types and there are huge-sized files there. A similar software utility should be able to verify files of every particular type which is almost an unfeasible task in the contemporary computer world.  Integrity verification of huge-sized files will take a lot of time anyway. So to keep the scan and integrity verification time reasonable the utilities have to use more or less effective incomplete verification algorithms.

File integrity verification of the initial version of Undelete Navigator basically checks if the file can be read from the disk or not. Or in other words (advanced computer knobs will prefer this): if all the blocks the file table specifies as occupied by the file are accessible or not. The check is performed when one is attempting to recover  a file  and if it fails the user can see that in the recovery report.

However, like most of the utilities, "Undelete Navigator" has complete integrity verification for most popular image file types. Users can see that in iconic view mode. If an image file thumbnail is generated then in most cases that means the image file is completely recoverable.

As already explained above we have been trying to include as much deleted files into the scan results as possible. Of course we do not pretend that the POC (Proof Of Concept) version of our utility will do the file recovery job perfectly. However comparing our results to some others we found that in a number of cases Undelete Navigator is able of finding files the others do not see or do not display.

In further versions of "Undelete Navigator" we will advance our deleted files search and recovery algorithms, optimize RAM utilization, made user interface more convenient, advance the search options, add scan filters and more. We expect feed-backs from the program users to be the main stream to formulate Undelete Navigator development requirements for now and in the feature.


We do find "Undelete Navigator" to be stable, fast and easy to use. And we hope it will help you to get your files back free of charge.