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Data loss prevention

For the first:

If you want to have not lose your data, you should do some actions for preventing you from it. The name of that action is "Prevent Data Loss". Any personal user should know, how to prevent his/hers data from loss.

The most common causes of data loss is human error and hardware failure (viruses and power outages). It means, that you should prevent your data from these. Here is some ways for it.

The most popular and useful way is the backup data regularly, because in case of data loss you know, that you have back up of it in other place.

Email attachments can "help" you to lose data too. Imagine, that you have some data with some name, and somebody sent you other data with the same name, and you want to download that data in the same drive. You risk to lose your first data. For that you should be so carefully in downloading and change name of data, or download it in a unique location.

Another way is hardcopies of your documents. It's better than anything else, because you have contents of the data in your hands.


How "Prevent Data Loss " occurs in offices:  Larger companies can retain data from power outages with UPS while smaller offices can use power protectors.